We regret to inform our contributors that our 501 C 3 was subject to recent theft. In order to maintain transparency with all of our contributors, and those who also run 501 C 3’s, we thought it best to share this with all of you. Not to worry, all funds have legally been returned and we will not share the name of the person close to our organization who committed the crime. This event is behind us, all funds are restored, and we have learned a valuable lesson in 501 C 3 account security. Rest assured work is underway and some work has already been completed at The Old Mission Historic Cemetery, thanks to a wonderful legal team and board members who worked tirelessly to ensure this matter was handled with the utmost care.

To all those who contribute regularly, we thank you and ensure you that we have taken very careful steps to ensure that something like this never happens again. We encourage you to review the valuable information below should you ever need it with your personal non-profit organizations. We hope that this document will never be of need to you, but a resource is valuable if it gives the reader knowledge to use in the future – we hope this is the case.

We are thankful this moment is behind us, we have learned valuable lessons for the future, and our accounts are more secure than ever before.

Thank you for always supporting The Capistrano Historical Alliance Committee! Have a wonderful day.

Download a pdf of Fraud, Theft, and Embezzlement in Nonprofit Organizations: https://www.venable.com/insights/publications/2021/10/fraud-theft-and-embezzlement-in-nonprofit