Current/Completed Projects

Current Projects


Wrought Iron Fence Replacement 2022/23

Preserving our historic cemetery

The wrought iron fence on the south side of The Old Mission Historic Cemetery has deteriorated significantly. This creates a serious security issue and an urgency to raise funds.

The Old Mission Historic Cemetery was established in the 1860s and now we ask you to be a part of its ongoing preservation. We need you to help us protect the generations of families that rest in peace at this historical, sacred site.

We can’t do this alone.  Please consider making a tax-deductible donation via GiveSendGo today.

Thank you very much for your contribution, it is greatly appreciated!

Completed Projects


Plaque Preserved 2023  Plaque Preserved!

The Old Mission Historic Cemetery plaque has been preserved! It looks wonderful and is ready to withstand the elements for decades to come. Thank you to our donors for allowing this 2023 project to be completed.

Restoration Project 2022

Cemetery statues from 1820 were totally broken, deteriorated, and lost all color. A group spent months restoring and replastering these statues.

The Statues of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (nearest Altar) and 1 Angel with a musical instrument (south children’s section) were in very bad condition and continued to rapidly deteriorate. As a result, Jerry contacted a statue conservation/preservation business. Jerry met with them and a careful analysis and conservation assessment were made to determine deterioration damage. The status, if the statues are not rapidly and properly restored they will soon “fall apart”. They carefully laid out their restoration/preservation work process, cost, and time involved with restoring the two pieces.

CHAC was happy to announce that we had a *secure donor* (who wishes to stay anonymous) who paid ALL the restoration/preservation expenses. We thank this generous donor and know that all of our families will be truly grateful for this donation and the restoration of these statues.

What was completed?

Both children’s memorials were carefully restored and painted with color. The paint used is specific to meet the weathering of our area. The Statue of Our Lady of Grace and the statue of The Sacred Heart of Jesus were also carefully restored and painted with color.

Thank you to our generous donor and to the restoration artists who did magnificent work on each of the statues. Thank you A Mano Art and Design! Thank you to the restoration artists Ash Avila and Roger Montenegro for completing the tedious and delicate work of restoring and painting these statues. Taking something from the 1860s, that was in such poor condition, and restoring it, was truly a sight to see!

Corpus Christi Project 2021

Thanks to a VERY generous donor and all of your donations, we have purchased our Corpus Christi for the Landmark Cross at the Old Mission Historic Cemetery. This project has been completed!

Corpus Christi on an altar with flowers in the Old Historic Cemetery in San Juan Capistrano.

This sacred image will be a lasting memorial to all who are buried at this historical site. Old Mission Historic Cemetery is situated on a hill located between the two rivers of the Capistrano Valley is this sacred and consecrated ground.  It is a perfect resting place for San Juan Capistrano’s historic families.  This cemetery dates back to the 1860s and was sold to the Catholic Church by James Sheehan, soon after his wife Ann’s death in 1878. Native Acjachemen/Juaneno families from the early Rancho period and later settlers to this Valley are buried here.  On the headstones can be seen the names of those historic families who have been, and who still are a part of San Juan Capistrano’s rich history.

On behalf of the entire Board of Directors both past & present of the Capistrano Historical Alliance Committee, THANK YOU for your generosity.

Eagle Scout Project 2021

Eagle scouts working on the new crosses for the children's section.

A big Thank you to Eagle Scout Candidate, Michael Fregoso (pictured in the center of the above photo)! Michael and his crew added and replaced crosses in the children’s section of the Old Mission Historic Cemetery. We are truly thankful for your work in preserving our Old Mission Historic Cemetery!

New crosses in the children's section of the cemetery.

New crosses in the children's section of the cemetery.

New crosses in the children's section of the cemetery.

Eagle Scout Project 2016

Scouts Upgrade Historic Cemetery – Article is written in the Capistrano Valley News on November 10, 2016

Scouts Upgrade Historic Cemetery

Click the link to read the full article: