Alcohol Permit/licensing???

Good evening Ms. Mukai,

F.Y.I.   Disturbing news is currently circulating throughout our community regarding yours (and others) attempting to secure permits for FULL alcoholic services on Historic Los Rios Street. Also, was brought to my/our attention that you and others want business hours to extend until 10:00 p.m.

Please let me remind you that Historic Los Rios is the oldest residential neighborhood in the State of California and that it is protected under the specific established guidelines of the Historic National Register.

Many of us are distressed with this recent news and find your request to be concerning and problematic. Why would you want to introduce/inflict this kind of an “issue” on this very unique and historic street — one of a kind? Why do you feel you have the right to try and re-invent this neighborhood and all the positive it offers and brings to our many visitors and our own community? One would think that you’d be more respectful of all the positives that this street represents — especially since you sit on the board of the Historical Society! The many plus families/visitors to this historic street certainly aren’t visiting just so they can have that “pull up a barstool” experience!

Also, please remember the Stephen Rios Family. They most certainly DESERVE only the very best that this historical residential neighbor can offer them — they deserve the right and best quality of the home, family life, and existence. There wouldn’t even be a Los Rios street if it wasn’t for this multi-generational old historical family. We certainly hope that your request will once again be denied — just as it was in 2013…

For All My Ancestors,

Jerry Nieblas