We are very pleased to announce to you the latest in the development of our sacred Putuidem Cultural site:

Just learned that besides dedicating last night’s Council meeting to Bob, they voted to go ahead once and for all with Putuidem. Hallelujah! Your efforts have not been in vain.
Bless you, all!


CHAC reply:

Hi Kerry,

I was informed about this great new development both late last night and very early this morning — great way/news to end my day and then begin a new one! Now we wait and see when/how much progress is actually made in moving forward with the long-overdue development of our sacred Putuidem Cultural site. I’m sure that’s Bob’s spiritual presence filled the city chambers last night. *Kerry, thank you for all your hard work and efforts regarding the Putuidem project.

Our generations-old and consistent San Juan Capistrano historical Native descendant families have much to be happy about with this, what appears to be, final decision to finally move forward with the development of Putuidem. However, I’m sure many of us will be waiting for that first sign of development to actually begin on our Ancestral lands — once and for all.

For all my Putuidem/Sagavit Ancestors,
Jerry Nieblas
Nieblas Family/jsn
Gigi Nieblas/jsn