This video is available on YouTube for viewing. It was written, directed, and produced by Cyril Lumboy and co-produced by Kathia Meda, and posted on May 18, 2021.

The Capistrano Historical Alliance Committee would like to acknowledge the major contributors represented in this video. We would like to acknowledge and appreciate Domingo Belardes (Curator of the Blas Aguilar Adobe Museum), Marcela Belardes (daughter of Domingo Belardes), Jerry Nieblas (Native Historian and President of the Capistrano Historical Alliance Committee), and Stephen O’Neil (Cultural Anthropologist, Pacific Coast Archeological Society) for their contributions to the truth about our history. Special acknowledgment to Marcella Belardes for her moving testimonial. Thank you⁄!

Finalist- Best Documentary
Winner- Best Cinematography (short films and documentaries)
Nominee- Best Editor (short films and documentaries)
Nominee- Best Director (short films and documentaries)