Good morning, Harrison:

I wanted to send you my final thoughts regarding the tradition of our Ancestral Spirit World, which was carefully handed down to us, and it’s meaning and importance. I will continue to defend and speak out regarding the generations-old oral histories that were very carefully handed down to us by our San Juan Capistrano ancestor great-grandparents, grandparents, and Tio’s and Tia’s. They took great care and pride in handing down their oral history stories but, were very cautious and guarded about who they shared them with. It was very important to them that these many stories and traditions would only remain within the historical families of San Juan Capistrano – their actual descendants.

I know you’ll be moving forward with your Historical Society “GHOST LEGENDS TOUR” but, I ask you to please remain respectful, truthful, and honest regarding the “legends” your H.S. group shares with the public. Our stories being used for what appears to be entertainment purposes and financial gain is still troublesome and problematic.

Remember our traditions are carefully guarded, respected, and honored. As I’ve grown much older I now fully realize why our family ancestors never wanted/desired for us to share their oral histories with the “outside” world. They were very protective, guarded, and cautious when it came to our families’ GENERATIONS OLD oral stories. I’ve certainly learned to now be more cautious and have now mostly chosen to live by their words/warnings. *Please remember that our lives really do matter and so do our oral stories, history, traditions, and culture. We are no longer silent people who allow ourselves to be used only when it’s convenient and then “tucked” away until the next time… – no more. Our ancestors paid dearly and lost much because of their quiet, humble, and giving ways.

I will always stand up/speak out for, protect and defend all of our historical Juaneno and Early Californio Rancho San Juan Capistrano descendant families, our oral stories/history, our historical lands/elements, our buildings/adobes, and our culture and traditions. Without our history, stories, culture, and traditions this community would be just another city within Orange County. Many of the self-proclaimed and so-called S.J.C.”historians” (they know who they are) would have absolutely NOTHING to talk, lecture, or write about if it wasn’t for us.

Please feel free, if you so desire, to share this with the H.S. and anyone else you think might be interested.

For all my Ancestors,

Jerry Nieblas
President of C.H.A.C. Board of Directors, direct descendant of the ancient villages of Putuidem and Sagavit/Zodut, Zoget and Chigilia, Maria Bernarda and the great Early Californio Yorba and Rios Ranchos