CHAC support of the North West Open Space, “CAPISTRANO VINEYARDS”

Council Members,

The Capistrano Historical Alliance Committee would like to go on record regarding Jim Adam’s Capistrano Vineyard’s project. In reviewing the plans, we support the project in its entirety with the exception of the soccer fields. The soccer fields are NOT conducive to the other entities in the project plans and seem to be in direct conflict with the overall atmosphere. Visitors to the Capistrano Vineyards will have no interest in soccer fields amongst the peace and tranquility that the rest of Jim Adam’s project represents.

His project is a gift and long overdue at the unique north end of town. By his incorporation of the Native American, Early Californio, European & Citrus eras in his plans, he provides an opportunity for visitors to have the full experience of ALL of San Juan Capistrano’s rich history.

We do not feel the other project proposals fit the area’s natural, breathtaking beauty. Capistrano Vineyards enhances the beauty that already exists and provides a relaxing, inviting space at the entrance to San Juan Capistrano.

The Capistrano Historical Alliance Committee Board of Directors respectfully requests the Council to vote in support of Capistrano Vineyards.


Jerry Nieblas – Pre-Mission/Juaneno Band of Mission Indians/Early Californio Rancho (Yorba & Rios) Descendant/CHAC President
Janice Pickartz – CHAC Vice-President/Secretary
Missy Garcia – CHAC Treasurer
Gigi Nieblas, Garry Meeker, Frances Rios – CHAC Members-At-Large
Linda Ivanov – CHAC Documentarian
Theresa Nieblas, Nollie Garcia – CHAC Honorary Board Members