Ladies & Gentlemen,

The Capistrano Historical Alliance Committee (CHAC) is responding to comments made by the Cultural Heritage Commissioners at their meeting of November 27, 2018.
Not only does CHAC support the creators & contributors of the banners….we overwhelmingly support the placement of these historically accurate & factual banners on light poles in downtown San Juan Capistrano.

As we’re all aware, San Juan Capistrano’s history is not solely limited to the Mission, there are many historical, sacred, unique facets that make SJC what it is. The wording/photos on the banners were chosen giving careful consideration based on generations-old oral histories of the entire community. And, since the banners represent ALL of SJC, placement in the heart of town, on Camino Capistrano is most fitting.

The banners depict historical moments in San Juan Capistrano. They entice visitors to want to learn more by touring the town. You ASSUME visitors want to read more information….it is more likely that visitors will appreciate their simplistic beauty and the brief wording already printed on the banners.

In regards to comments made about Chola Martinez smoking a cigarette on one of the banners – that’s who she was, it was part of her. You don’t change history because someone MIGHT find it offensive. History should NEVER be compromised. For better or worse, it should be portrayed for what it was and is.

Some CHC Commissioners words and actions speak to over-thinking, over-analyzing and over-complicating artistic renderings meant to merely leave a simple imprint on visitors minds of San Juan Capistrano’s history.

Whether or not the banners are approved by CHC, we respectfully stand with Melinda “Mel” Curtis and Lori Porter that these banners, as they are, are an accurate, beautiful, historical factual representation of San Juan Capistrano and its history.

Respectfully submitted on behalf of the Capistrano Historical Alliance Committee’s Board of Directors,

Jerry Nieblas – Pre-Mission/Juaneno Band of Mission Indians/Early Californio Rancho (Yorba & Rios)Descendant & President of CHAC
Janice Pickartz – Vice President/Secretary of CHAC

Capistrano banners