These letters are from Jim Adam himself and are to our City leaders and members of San Juan Capistrano. As historic families, we know how important it is to keep up the historic places that represent not only us and our history but our ancestors that walked this great land before us! Let’s support Jim and this great proposal for the Northwest Open Space!

Good evening council, my name is Jim Adam. Approx. Five years ago I submitted what is now known as Capistrano Vineyards. It has gone through different variations due to city and resident feedback. I have now submitted a project that is for all residents of San Juan Capistrano. We the people purchased this property guided by the open space foundation. I’ve lived in San Juan Capistrano and operated san Juan 7-Eleven for over 35 years now. I live next to the open space with my family including my father, brothers, and best friends. This land is very personal to me. It always has been. If you trust us with this property and honor us with this RFP. I promise you won’t be sorry. We will be great stewards of this land. We will work diligently with staff and residents to create a space we can all be proud of. In 2006 the city had a focus group study on NWOS. This is what they said they wanted. Parks, walking trails, a safe place to be, a place to walk our dogs, Gardens, agriculture, equestrian, orange trees, and a place for children. This is exactly what we created. A delicate balance of community-first activities and a small business footprint. We will also respect the privacy and history of the Acjachemen people. We know the sensitivity of NWOS. We put together a group of residents and business leaders to operate Capistrano vineyards. I would hope our unwavering commitment throughout the years shows our commitment to the people of San Juan Capistrano.

Thank you,
Jim Adam

Please E-mail In support of Capistrano Vineyards.

Key Points:

  • That you are a resident
  • Share your Names
  • Document your support for the Capistrano Vineyards project.
  • A comment about the project would be appreciated.

Here is who to send this to:

Derek Reeve

Howard Hart

Troy Bourne

Sergio Farias

John Taylor

Maria Morris (City Clerk)

Charlie View

Please: blind copy Ron Schreiber at

We would like to make sure the city receives all the e-mails.

Thank you for your support, Capistrano Vineyards.

Final Winery Plans

Final Winery Plans

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Letter to the Community

Jim Adams Letter To The Community About His Bid For The NWOS

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