The Capistrano Historical Alliance Committee Board of Directors stands firmly with the residents of Los Rios Street. Enforce the decision of the Cultural Heritage Commission and PROTECT the residents of Los Rios Street by DECLINING the requests of the Tea House & Ramos House Cafe extending their hours. It is NOT in the best interest of the residents of Los Rios Street and you, as City Council members were elected to protect the residents of San Juan Capistrano. Stand by the City’s motto and while preserving the past, preserve the PEACE on Los Rios Street.

Respectfully submitted,
Jerry Nieblas, President
Janice Pickartz, Vice President/Secretary Barbara Clancey, CFO/Treasurer Missy Garcia, 2nd Treasurer Gigi Nieblas, Member Frances Rios, Member Theresa Nieblas Saunders, Website Manager/Honorary Board Member Linda Ivanov, Documentarian