JERRY NIEBLAS, San Juan Capistrano

I personally feel that it is definitely time for our San Juan Capistrano logo to be changed and “updated.” It is certainly encouraging and very much a positive move that our City Council and appropriate city commissions will finally be taking a serious look at a possible logo change — an issue long overdue.

I would certainly hope that our City Council and all involved commissioners would work together to create a new logo design. A new logo design that would be all-inclusive, would honor and would embrace all the historical elements that make San Juan Capistrano so historically important. I personally think it’s time that we create a logo that would include an appropriate symbol that represents our first people of these lands, our Juaneno/Acjachemen people. Consideration should also be given to include symbols that would honor our early Californio Rancho history, our early Mexicano history, early European contributions and citrus production period—appropriate symbols that would truly represent and honor all our rich and layered history. These are the very first lands and inhabitants of what is now Orange County. A possible new logo design should honor and respect their heritage and contributions. Again, something very much long overdue.

Let me be clear that my desire for a new logo has nothing to do with Saint Father Junipero Serra—absolutely nothing. I fully supported his canonization. Anyway, my personal problem/issue has always been with the way our ancestors were treated, were forced to change, were forced to adapt or else, and then the forced and damning silence inflicted on our ancestors by the very early Mission Spanish soldiers. They were the very cruel individuals who were forcefully acting under the direction of the Spanish Crown of that time period.

I would respectfully ask that involved city staff, City Council and the appropriate involved city commissions please move forward with creating a new city logo design that would represent all of San Juan Capistrano. A new logo design that definitely respects and incorporates all our very rich and layered history.

Editor’s note: The featured photo shows the proposed new city seal, as introduced by Councilmembers Troy Bourne and Sergio Farias. Graphic courtesy of the City of San Juan Capistrano.

Review this article on The Capistrano Dispatch website to view the new city seal.