Hello Historic Families,
As you know, from past emails, our Historic Los Rios Street is on the verge of becoming the next bar-filled location. If this request to have The Tea House, Ramos Cafe, Hidden House Cafe, Combs House, and Lobo House to receive FULL liquor licenses, we will be watching our Historic Los Rios Street turn into a nightlife of drunkenness and lawlessness. This historic street is filled with history, beauty, and FAMILIES! These families we must protect from this latest attack on this historic street. The families that live here deserve better and deserve our help!
Here is what we can do! But we must act fast, this is being voted on the 15th of this month! Letters opposing this must be in prior to the 15th! We must fully support the historical integrity of our Historic Los Rios Street. We must request that the council DENY these requests for full liquor licenses.
Write your letters to Maria Morris at mmorris@sanjuancapistrano.org. When you write your letters, ask that your letters be distributed to the appropriate involved commissions and city staff involved. These must be entered into the packet for those meetings that are coming up.
Your help in saving Historic Los Rios Street is appreciated!

Jerry Nieblas-CHAC President
Janice Pickartz-CHAC VP & Sec.
Barbara Clancey (JP)-CHAC Treasurer
Gigi Nieblas (JN)-CHAC Member
Garry Meeker (JN)-CHAC Member
Frances Rios (JN)-CHAC Member
Theresa Nieblas (JN)-CHAC Website Manager
Linda Ivanov (JP)-CHAC Documentarian
Isle Byrnes (JN)-SJC Historian