SAVE our Historic Los Rios from being turned into a liquor bar stop street!


Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Capistrano Historical Alliance Committee is VEHEMENTLY opposed to the Tea House, Ramos Cafe, Hidden House Coffee, Combs House, and Lobo House being granted FULL liquor licenses with extended serving hours until 10 pm. Since Trevor’s by the Tracks already serves all types of alcohol, if you approve the addition of five, that would total SIX establishments within one-eighth of a mile radius serving alcohol! You’ll have an increase in inebriated patrons around active train tracks, a recipe for disaster! May we remind all of you that the city put a cap on alcohol sales in 2013 and restricted the hours to cease at 7 pm, (Capistrano Dispatch 7/18/13) to avoid a “bar scene” in a RESIDENTIAL district.

Surely you haven’t forgotten the rich, historical significance of Los Rios Street? The oldest RESIDENTIAL neighborhood in the State of California, listed on the National Historic Register. Thousands of families visit Los Rios Street and are left deeply enchanted with its beauty and charm. Why would the city even consider back-peddling from their decisions made in 2013? Why?

Ironically, the petitioner of three of the full liquor licenses is a former Mayor of San Juan Capistrano, served on both the City Council and the Planning Commissions and the other petitioner for the other two currently serves on the Board of Directors for the San Juan Capistrano Historical Society, an organization that should be invested in protection the SACRED history of San Juan Capistrano, not standing by as two individuals attempt to drench it in alcohol! One might think that those two have their own self-serving agendas. Also, since Mayor Taylor and his son, Harrison Taylor, are residents on Los Rios Street, it is required they rescue themselves from voting on this issue through the City Council and Planning Commission respectively.

In closing, we expect all of you to PRESERVE AND PROTECT the priceless historical landmark of Los Rios Street and deny the FIVE licenses that would authorize FULL liquor to be served until 10 pm. An abomination against the oldest RESIDENTIAL neighborhood in the State of California.

Jerry Nieblas-CHAC President
Janice Pickartz-CHAC VP & Sec.
Barbara Clancey (JP)-CHAC Treasurer
Gigi Nieblas (JN)-CHAC Member
Garry Meeker (JN)-CHAC Member
Frances Rios (JN)-CHAC Member
Theresa Nieblas (JN)-CHAC Website Manager
Linda Ivanov (JP)-CHAC Documentarian
Isle Byrnes (JN)-SJC Historian