“HOPE”. I see this word that someone from the Mission has erected on the exterior of the Mission “wall” at the corner of Ortega and El Camino Real — very large black letters (interesting color choice) with a white border.

I see that word and I immediately think of our historical families/ people who have done nothing but “HOPE” for over some 200 plus years now. “Hoping” for only the best for us, the Old Mission we built, our local Catholic Church and traditions, our historical town, community, and especially all of our OUR historical families. Our VERY own WHO HAVE ENDURED, EXPERIENCED AND LIVED through so much that kept us constantly clinging to the word “HOPE”. We will always continue to “HOPE” as it has seen us and brought us through both the bad and good times. It’s all we’ve had to hold onto — even in these current times of so-called progress, change and challenge… “OUT with the OLD and IN with the NEW has been “crammed down our throats.

I certainly hope that your erected “HOPE” signage will bring your problems to a positive conclusion. As far as my/our historical families and people go, we will continue to not only “HOPE” but also carry on with a FAITH that our most traditional Sacred Circle will be fulfilled and completed someday… so, you continue to “HOPE”. But again, I have to say that I find this erected “HOPE” word on the exterior of Mission property very curious, interesting, somewhat telling, and cause for deep thought… what goes around definitely comes around…May we all soon see our “HOPE” realized, experienced, and fulfilled.

For All My Ancestors,
Jerry Nieblas