The Nieblas Family support letter for the North West Open Space Jim Adam proposed development, “CAPISTRANO VINEYARDS” project.

City Council Members and all appropriate city staff:

I want to share a brief portion of our history. The North West Open Space is a very important site to the Nieblas Family of San Juan Capistrano. This was once part of the most ancient and sacred village site of Putuidem. Putuidem was the mother village of my 6x great grandparents, Zodut(from the ancient village Sagavit) and Zoget (Putuidem) and their daughter and our 5x great grandmother, Maria Bernarda Chigilia, Chigilia was 14 years old and witnessed the establishment of Mission San Juan Capistrano in 1776. Soon after the Mission’s founding Maria Bernarda Chigilia was removed from this village and “relocated” to the newly established “boundaries” of the Mission – her life ever changed would NEVER be the same.

Our historical connection to this land is why I write to endorse and fully support Jim Adam’s “Capistrano Vineyard” proposed development involving the NWOS. Again, I must mention that I do not like progress. I prefer the San Juan Capistrano of my youth – completely opposite of what it is today. However, I know “progress/change” will come to our town and am also aware this “progress” is not always a positive thing.

We feel “Capistrano Vineyards” will offer visitors a chance to experience the many layers of San Juan Capistrano’s rich history – a very good thing! This proposed project will offer them an opportunity to experience the Native American Juaneno, Spanish and Mexican, great Early Californio Rancho, European feel, history, cultures, foods, and traditions. The proposed vineyards and orange tree preservation will allow visitors a real sense of what the San Juan Capistrano citrus and fruit farms were like. Finally, it WOULD NOT be another residential neighborhood, more roads, cluster of medical bldgs./offices, a shopping mall or a strip mall.

We do feel it would be the most appropriate and outstanding symbol of WELCOME to San Juan Capistrano. Definitely, this project would be one that brings our city motto to life, “Preserving (our) The Past to Enhance (our) The Future”! We would please request that the city council accepts and approve Jim Adam’s “Capistrano Vineyards”. Residents of Capistrano and our many visitors deserve this kind of development and experience.


Members of the Nieblas Family of SJC