The Capistrano Historical Alliance Committee can’t help but notice the monstrosity of a hotel being built next door to the Mission and the gateway to the town. In fact, no one can help but notice what is happening… outsider to the town of San Juan Capistrano, it appears, is managing to obliterate by development, the view of Mission San Juan Capistrano’s Great Stone Church and that is appalling.

Since its construction, the Great Stone Church and its sacred, historical ruins stand as a monument and has been the symbol that is so very important to the many generations of historical families. Its rich history represents the ancestors who built the Mission, and the community where they were born, lived, sustained by their faith, and died. Its majestic presence has welcomed hundreds of thousands of visitors to San Juan Capistrano.

The developer said early on, that the hotel would NOT obstruct the view of the church. And, he’s also been known to say that the history of San Juan Capistrano is important to him. Yet, the hotel’s framing is in direct conflict with his previous statements. This same developer didn’t want any view obstruction of the Mission from the Eagan House – then how is it okay to now obstruct the view of the Great Stone Church? The tower-like structure at the top of the hotel does just that! It has forever altered the view, east of town, sacred to so many. Once completed, the hotel that has violated & scarred the land will be what greets those passing over Ortega Highway instead of the Great Stone Church.

A few will call it progress. Many, many more are already calling it a heartbreaking tragedy.

A personal note from Jerry Nieblas: “My relatives and family have given over 150 years of service to Mission San Juan Capistrano. Our loyalties lie with the physical make-up of the Mission. Therefore, it becomes personal to see this thing (hotel) taking away from the most important landmark and focal point in this town.”

Respectfully submitted for publication by the Capistrano Historical Alliance Committee Board of Directors:
Jerry Nieblas – Pre-Mission/Juaneno Band of Mission Indians/Early Californio Rancho (Yorba & Rios) Descendant and CHAC President
Janice Pickartz – Vice-President & Secretary of CHAC (contact information for CHAC 714-501-6101/P.O. Box 1293 SJC, Ca. 92693)
Missy Garcia – Treasurer of CHAC
Gigi Nieblas, Garry Meeker & Frances Rios – Members at Large of CHAC
Linda Ivanov – Documentarian
Nollie Garcia & Theresa Nieblas – Honorary Board Members of CHAC