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It just occurred to me, that now would be an opportune time to submit a “Letter to the Editor”, in that the last Dispatch edition this section was absent, due to its’ yearly “Best of San Juan Capistrano” Awards Supplement. I was informed that this next Dispatch Edition coming out on Friday 26th,  will include the “Letters to the Editor” section. For those of you inclined to sound off,

you will need to submit your letter/comments today, as it has to be received no later than 8:00 am tomorrow morning.

Since the “traffic impact” issue has been the main focus for now, I thought of some other issues that would be worthy of pointing out. One of the main arguments, which is more prevalent today,

is the negative impacts that “Drive-Thru’s” are having on cities, relative to “Air Quality. Case in point, the amount of pollution resulting from the extended vehicle 25 car stacking lane, idling for

over 8 minutes (aver. wait time). . . What about the noise levels, late night hours, on-site security concerns, trash. I’ve heard that some drive-thru establishments close indoor dining early and only operate the drive-thru during later hours, with no restrooms available.

Another Topic: Rebuttal to MC Landlord Addresses Criticism Comments in last month’s Dispatch, with respect to Landlord’s claim that “he is thoughtful about what type of businesses will open in the area, emphasizing that he considers businesses that will serve the largest portion of the community when reviewing development proposals”. (Lot’s to comment about this misnomer).

Attached is some research I dug up this morning that lends credence to the above Air Quality / Climate Change issues.

Sorry for the short notice, but your letter/comments doesn’t have to be long. Our goal is to create awareness, that’s it’s more than just traffic at stake.

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Download a pdf of the Air Quality Report to also share with them!